Mono for Unreal Engine is a plugin for Unreal Engine that allows writing gameplay code with C# and F#.

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Planned or in development:

Feature requests and and bugs are tracked using GitHub Issues.


The plugin is currently available only as source, as it requires a patched build of the engine.

You will need source access to Unreal Engine on GitHub to get access to the MonoUE fork.

  1. Clone the mono-ue/UnrealEngine fork of Unreal Engine
  2. Check out the monoue branch
  3. Follow the instructions in the Engine/Plugins/MonoUE/


The plugin has been developed with the support of Microsoft, but is currently a personal side project of several Microsoft employees. It is not officially supported by either Microsoft or Epic. It is being made freely available as source to all Unreal Engine licensees in the hope that the community considers it useful and participates in its development.

This code is provided by Microsoft “as is” with no warranty.

For details, see in the plugin directory.


For questions and discussion, please use the mono-ue mailing list or the Gitter chat room.

The primary contact for the project is Mikayla Hutchinson (@mjhutchinson).